What is a HELPO Bachat Gat?

Women SHG


A Bachat Gat is a small group of (10-15) individuals (generally women) living in close proximity who undertake income generating activities. This is achieved through their own meager savings deposited into a common bank account which then enables them to borrow bank loans on a very nominal interest rate. Their collective bargaining power with banks helps them to undertake bigger projects and gain better income in course of time without collateral security.

HELPO Bachat Gat Training

Ananda Jamble's Tailoring Unit

Ananda Jamble's Tailoring Unit

Mostly uneducated, undereducated and illiterate womenfolk need to be adequately trained in the concept of Bachat Gat formation and maintenance. A series of grass root level trainings are imparted by trained HELPO volunteers and field workers. The trainings include conduct and participation in monthly meetings, regular savings bank operations, record maintenance, selection of businesses and marketing ventures.


Chaya Dhawale's Bangle Shop

Chaya Dhawale's Bangle Shop

HELPO also imparts training in around 25 trades (professions). As a result, Bachat Gat members have started businesses and other income generating activities in a wide range of areas such as agriculture, dairy products, horticulture, animal husbandry, food processing, tailoring, telephone booths etc.




HELPO Bachat Gat: At a glance (as of Sept. 2010)

Number of Bachat Gats 5000
Villages Covered 450
Talukas Covered 7
Districts Covered 2
Direct Beneficiaries 60,000
Indirect Beneficiaries 500,000
Banks Involved 12
Loans Disbursed Rs. 20 crores
Bachat Gat Savings Rs. 36 crores
Bachat Gat Interest Earned Rs. 15 lakhs
Bank Savings Interest Earned Rs. 10 lakhs
Bachat Gat Training Imparted 25 trades