HELPO Solar Village Project

Objective: Prepare an Experimental Solar Village Program in the villages (by October 2011)

Collaborator: Toshio Tajima, retired Japanese Professor in International Relations – visiting India for the last 5 years with an idea of finding out the possibilities of helping poor villagers in the area of solar power in their day-to-day life.

Purpose: Make available cheap solar power energy for the following uses -
- Lighting Homes
- Table fans at home
- Torch lights
- Lifting underground water from a small pond (4 to 8 meters deep) for drip irrigation in fields
- Other low powered devices

Project Location: The HELPO project will be located in the land premises demarcated for HELPO village development program.

Project Update: The training processes have already started in a small way in about 20 locations in Pune. The trainees now are 30 women and men interested in knowing, understanding and assimilating the idea of solar panel technology and its manufacturing processes, how it can be handled by village people sitting at home in a day’s time.

Action Initiated: A high-level official meeting and discussion was held between HELPO members and senior Government Officers at 3 levels -
- Divisional Commissioner of Pune
- Director General of Science and Technology located in Pune University (Ministry of Government of India, Scientific Office)
- The Chief Executive Officer at Zilla Parishad, Pune

Expectations: We are inviting volunteers who have expertise in solar energy technology related topics. Peace loving volunteers around the world who are willing to help these project activities in whatever way, whether by expertise, manpower, resources or monetary contributions, exchanging ideas by keeping constant communication are welcome to join us.